Kingdoms in Chaos

Here you will be able to keep up with our Beta phase of our custom build, Kingdoms in Chaos. We have built a modded collection the brings the epic RPG quests of ZeldaCraft, mix in Ancient Warfare, sprinkle Trains, and finally light a fuse to the whole thing by adding Epic Weather and world events. Stay on the up and up with everything as well as updated Client / Server releases.

We currently have the community server running for testing purposes. Join in with us and lets build something truly epic! The server address is

Submit a request to join the group and help with the community server.

Now open to the public for download – ALSO, the community test server is live. We are building the RPG aspects as we move forward. Keep looking to the comments section for updates and new version downloads of both the Server & Client. Once we are on Technic the whole process will be much more streamlined.

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  1. UPDATE 4-19-2018 – RobotCarnival
    Here is what could possibly be the final version of our project. The server is up and running and we are finishing up all of the RPG aspects and quests. Here are the links. We will keep testing and soon will be launching our pack on the Technic platform.

    Here is the SERVER – (DOWNLOAD)
    Here is the CLIENT – (DOWNLOAD)

  2. UPDATE 12-2018

    We have been working for months on cleaning up and stream lining he mods as well as improving performance of the pack. The main server story line and quests are coming along nicely. We’ve also gotten new features added to the client itself that will help with the tone we are trying to set for the game.

    We will have the new link up in the next few days for the beta v3 client.

    Keep a look out for the new link.


  3. UPDATE 10-30-2019 – RobotCarnival
    It official – The “Kingdoms in Chaos” pack is now working through the Technic Launcher. If you are interested in being a beta tester let me know and I will share the link.

    I will also be posting some info on Discord for anyone who wants to sign up as well.

    We’ve added a custom into page, custom boss music and more quests.

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