Crypto Currency Mining

In early 2017 a small group of players got together and pooled our resources to increase our mining profits. We have since then started utilizing the The system is insanely easy to setup on your Windows, Linux, Mac or even Mobile device. The system can utilize both GPU and CPU calculations. We have turned our idle machines into a mining army. If you have a Gaming system get on board and have it make a few bucks for ya.
Follow this link to MinerGate if the Image isn’t showing

Follow this link – setup your account and start utilizing your machines idle power to make some money. PLUS, any of your friends or family’s machines can mine for you… download the small program… sign in with your email (or username) and now THEY are making money for you as well. I personally have 9 machines that are mining for me from friends, family and just machines that are at my work.

Follow the link – get started and get involved in Crypto-Mining… email me if you have questions.

Keep an eye out for the future – I am building a private pool with some of my best friends.. I’ll have the info in the near future.

Here’s the link again – seriously check it out… over Xmas I made $75 for doing nothing!
Follow this link to MinerGate if the Image isn’t showing