Apply for Mod (God) status

We’ve had numerous requests from users to be granted Mod status on our Mianite Reborn server. Currently, a few of the positions are filled but we are always willing to take applications.

Note for Current Mods: As we progress I am requesting mods to supply their information as an application if they wish to keep their Mod status.

As we progress further all mods will have their names featured on the upcoming Mod (God) page as well as listed at spawn. Possibly even a statue? 🙂

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  1. Welcome to our new Mods! With the re-launch of the Mianite Reborn World you have your “God” status!
    Kane_the ghoul Kyro or Dragon
    Poi_Sorg (Poi)
    vaughaer aka BadWolf

    Congratulations to you all for submitting and being approved!

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