RobotCarnival.net is a portal for multiple projects as well as our two custom modded Minecraft servers – Mianite Reborn @ robotcarnival.ddns.net  and our newest project Hyrule in Chaos @ hyruleinchaos.ddns.net.

Our Mianite Reborn server is rolling up on its one year anniversary. We’ve learned a lot and strive to add new and exciting features when ever we can. The server features an adaptive economy, Town & Claim systems, low lag high speed connectivity, and an active community. As well as all of the Mods included in the pack as well.  RPG features as well as a God (Moderator) system are in the works. Come joins us and build something great!

Our beta server Hyrule in Chaos is slowly turning into something of an obsession. ZeldaCraft, Witchery, Thaumcraft, Trains, Dangerous weather, and world events are all in the mix. Submit an application to assist on the featured page.

We are also working on many odd little projects which will be announced in the future.

For more info email us at admin@robotcarnival.net