A Mianite Reborn Player Server

As of 5/2018 I have retired our server. The sheer size and amount of blocks for the map is mind boggling! We have explored
so much of this world and its other worlds that Java literally lost its damn mind. Quit while we are ahead I say. So with
a heavy heart I’ve turned down the server. I have the entirety of the world backed up should anyone ever want it I’m sure
we can somehow bounce the 12+gb of data around. Until then lets remember all the things we have done!

This experience has been some of the most fun and most work I have ever experienced.
I can’t say how much I have enjoyed this journey from inception to the level of greatness that we achieved. To be told over and
over again that we, our little group, was talked about and considered the only server to play on short of the Official server.
We and our Mods worked to accomplish this and we all should be proud!

I cant thank my friends, my Mods for everything they did. You all did all the heavy lifting! You took care of the users requests
when I could not and you kept the server together as a whole.

Lets move forward to better projects. I invite any and all of you to be part of this new project – Kingdoms in Chaos.
A RPG server pack to eventually be published on Technic.

Lets keep our lines open through Discord and emails.

Again, I cant express how much this experience has been for me! I look forward to what we can accomplish together.

Your friend, your server admin…