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RobotCarnival.net is a portal for multiple projects – Our newest project kingdoms in Chaos @┬árobotcarnival.net:25565 is almost ready for public access.

Our Mianite Reborn server has officially been retired. It was an amazing journey but we are now in the process of building our own Project Pack. Kingdoms in Chaos. Check it out soon on Technic!

Our beta server Kingdoms in Chaos is slowly turning into something of an obsession. ZeldaCraft, Witchery, Thaumcraft, Trains, Dangerous weather, and world events are all in the mix. Submit an application to assist on the featured page. This pack will have its official server full of every RPG facet we can come up with. As well as the stand alone server which has a full gambit of missions built in. Join the project by visiting us on Discordapp.

We are also working on many odd little projects which will be announced in the future.

For more info email us at admin@robotcarnival.net

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